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China’s Technology Experts on Core electronic devices, High-end general-purpose chips and Infrastructural software products (“CHI” program) paid on-site visit to ICube.

December 28, 2011: ICube welcomed several honored guests visiting the Shenzhen office to meet with the technical team for an introduction to the UPU technology and to watch a demonstration of the IC1, ICube’s first SoC product. The participants from China’s CHI program included Professor Wei ShaoJun, Professor Yan XiaoLang, Director of Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Base Shen MingZhou, Deputy Director Zhao QiuQi, Director of the Ministry of Science and Technology Zhang JinGuo, and the Dean of Peking University...

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ICube receives the Innovative Product Award at China IC Expo 2011

June 29, 2011 – At the China IC Expo 2011 held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre, ICube’s IC1 SoC was recognized by the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association and Shenzhen IC Design Industrial Center with an Innovative Product Award in the integrated circuit category. Download the ICube Innovation...

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ICube Technology Unveils Its Groundbreaking Harmony Unified Processor Technology

June 07, 2011, ICube Technology Holdings Limited, (“ICube”, stock code: 0139), a China-based design company with focus on self-developed semiconductor processing chips and core architecture for China’s mobile device market, is pleased to announce its revolutionary breakthrough in mobile computing by unveiling its groundbreaking Harmony Unified Processor Technology. The Harmony Unified Processor Technology marks a milestone in the semiconductor industry by genuinely integrating two different processor types: the central processing unit...

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ICube Corporation taped out its first SoC product based on 65nm process

March 09, 2011- ICube Corporation today reached a milestone in taping out its first SoC product based on 65nm process, IC1: an integrated SoC solution based on ICube’s MVP, the first independently developed multi-thread processor core in China. ICube’s IC1 contains 2 MVP cores that provide high-throughput computing while maintaining a substantial price/performance advantage in the industry for mobile computing and hand-held communication devices. When IC1 is brought to the market place, it will be: The first SoC design based on MVP. The...

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China’s First Independently Developed Parallel Stream Processing Core

January 1, 2010 – ICube Corporation, a fabless semiconductor company, introduces their Multi-Threaded Virtual Pipeline (MVP), a Genuine China Core for China’s growing consumer electronics market. Designed for high throughput computing based on multi-processing and parallel computing. ICube’s Multi-Threaded Virtual Pipeline (MVP) is a scalable and programmable stream processor developed in China. MVP combines the functionalities of CPU, GPU and DSP into a single core versatile enough to serve China’s vast consumer electronics...

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