Since its founding in 2009, ICube’s engineering team has achieved numerous significant milestones, some of which represents breakthroughs in processor technology, while others are feats never before achieved by any engineering team in the industry.

April 2009 Founding of the company
January, 2010 MVP CPU core brought up on in-house FPGA
June, 2011 IC1 first silicon back from foundry; Linux booted up in 2 days
September, 2011 Android 2.3 brought up on IC1
October, 2011 Multi-threaded h.264 decoder performing real-time decoding in pure software running on IC1
February, 2012 OpenGL 2.0 brought up on IC1′s GPU
July, 2012 8-thread version of Linux SMP kernel running on IC1′s 8 threads
July, 2013 IC3228 production silicon back from foundry; Android 4.2 booted up within 1 day
July, 2013 Won first IC3138 design-in with an electronic appliance vendor
March, 2014 IC3138 production silicon back from foundry; productization efforts began