About us

ICube is a fabless semiconductor company developing semiconductor System-On-Chip (SOC) solutions based on our Harmony Unified Processor Technology, genuinely integrating two different processor types: a central processing unit (CPU) and a graphics processing unit (GPU), into one unified core. Our mission is to develop a parallel computing platform chip that will create a great technical impact to the semiconductor industry and represent significant commercial value in the consumer electronics market.

Founded by Silicon Valley veterans who are experts in processor, software and integrated circuit development, the strength of our engineering team enjoys international distinction.

Welcome to the world of ICube, where the balance of Innovation, Initiative and Intellectual Honesty drive the spirit of our corporation: to demand excellence on all levels of business.


The innovative spirit that permeates through every aspect of our business requires our
engineers and managers alike to value the importance of possibility. We do not tailor our
product for the future; rather we seek to shape the future through our products.


We maintain a strong faith in every member of our team and believe in the power of
each individual’s intuitive intelligence to collaborate towards our success. Taking initiative
also captures the spirit of self-motivation; our obsession with constantly learning and
developing creates an active and accelerating culture.

Intellectual Honesty

It is by first recognizing challenges that we begin to address their solutions. Being
Intellectually Honest introduces the opportunity to directly face our limits and ultimately
turn them into stepping-stones toward the future.

ICube’s Intellectual Property

At ICube, we recognize the value of each individual’s intellectual contribution and create a
business culture that is structured on promoting and maintaining the value of our Intellectual