ICube Lauched a Series of Network Security Products

For years, our company has been dedicated to the field of chips with independent intellectual property, which has got huge progress and is moving ahead steadily. At the same time, we are trying to develop our own security products of network so as to take our chips into customers products more easily in the future. A series of products has been lauched duing years, including high-end firewall, load balancing products, flow control products and so on. Now we are trying to provide our high-performance network security service and system solutions for the network operators, financial systems, government agencies, business networks, campus networks and other customers.

Our security firewall is based on ASIC platform so as to get high performance.It can fully support various network interfaces with 8 10/100/1000 photoelectric adaptive interfaces and 4 SFP/XSFP 10g light interfaces. It can load 1-8M concurrent connections and reaches maximum flow bandwidth of 80Gbps.Precise IP host management is supported and its maximum security policy exceeds 13000.For user management, it supports both static and dynamic user. On authentication mode, it includes user/group authorization management, classification management system, authentication and authorization management system, access control management system and blacklist management system. It also supports a flexible bandwidth management definition, based on IP, subnet protocol, application layer, analysis, strategy, physical ports, line speed. According to packet type, it can set service bandwidth with priority support. Specially, it supports ISP allocation strategy and time management bandwidth for P2P traffic flow. What’s more, the product has master / master and master / slave mode, with dual machine hot standby, the machine can stably runing for years without errors.


Flow controlling and speed accelerating device mainly focuses on bandwidth allocation strategy.To get optimization of network resources, it can allocate bandwidth with auto adjustment and time management. The session management is on the basis of IP, sub network , service and strategy. P2P flow is limited by the user session type control strategy. 128 ISP terms are supported in link management system, and each ISP pool can handle up to of 8 ISP, which supports dynamic load balancing, link backup and fault real-time handover.With all these technologies, it can ensure the network administrator to manage the bandwidth resources conveniently and quickly, and optimize the allocation of network resources better.

Load balancing product includes server load balancing, link load balancing, load balancing based on device, load balancing based on port link, which supports 802.3ad protocol and algorithm of Ratio, Round Robin and Least Bandwidth. Behavior management products can handle the desktop access control, local network security control, authentication and authorization, bandwidth control, network behavior management, log and audit functions which can fully protect the security of network for users.What’s more, our company also developed a remote access platform VPN, report server, desktop client and a variety of other products.

After so many years of network security products development, our company’s creative and practical product team has accumulated rich experience. Our products have covered all aspects of life in the network, which have been providing users with a safe and reliable network services. With our core chip taped out in the future and used in our network security products, it will greatly reduce the cost and enhance the competitiveness of products. With lower cost, higher performance, high profit returns, our products will gradually expand the market scale and application fields.