ICube Received IC3138 Mass Production Chip Samples

March, 2014 – The first batch of IC3138 SoC chips arrived at ICube’s Shenzhen headquarters on March 11, 2014.  IC3138 is ICube’s third taped-out semiconductor chip, and is the first that incorporates only a single UPU core.  The chip has gone through qualification test rounds that shows that it meets its targets in terms of features, functions and performance.

Even though the IC3138 SoC chip incorporates only a single core, the MVP processor core provides enough resources for four hardware threads to execute in parallel, making the IC3138 equivalent to four single-thread cores.  UPU combines the features of both CPU and GPU while providing parallel processing and dynamic load balancing capabilities.  This enables the IC3138′s overall performance to stand out among SoC chips in the same price range.

The IC3138 is currently targeting the smart home appliances and internet of things market segments.  It supports Linux and Android running on it with superior price-performance advantages.  A number of local companies in the home appliance market have been working with ICube on the design of a range of solutions.  The solutions involve end-user applications running on the IC3138.  They have been designed according to customer feedbacks, and are currently in the final productization stage.

Since its founding, ICube has developed its own intellectual property in the processor technology area.  With the IC3138′s volume production, ICube’s indigenously developed core technology will very soon be a part of end products that target the mass consumer market.

1. IC3138 SoC chip chip

2. IC3138 Mini Evaluation Boardevb

3. Smart Home Appliance Reference Solution