ICube Showcased Products and Technology during Government official Visit

September, 2013 – Vice Premier Ma Kai visited the Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Center (SZICC).  During the visit, Vice Premier Ma toured ICube’s work room where ICube’s demos on Android system, GPU 3D graphics, and video decoding and playback were on display. Accompanying Vice Premier Ma for the visit was Miao Wei, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Zhi Gang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Zhu Xiao Dan, Governor of GuangDong, Xu Qin, Mayor of ShenZhen and many other high-ranking government officials.

After listening to the introduction about CPU+GPU by ICube’s CTO Simon Moy, Vice Premier Ma raised a question about the IP status in ICube’s products and technology.  Mr. Moy gave an emphatic answer that all ICube’s IPs were developed indigenously and fully owned by ICube.  Mayor Xu Qin also asked whether ICube’s UPU technology can be used in servers.  For that, Mr. Moy explained that the processor core itself can be used as CPUs for multiprocessing in server installations with very high scalability.

The visit by Vice Premier Ma and other leaders shows recognition of ICube’s mission to develop the world-leading UPU core processor technology.  It is an encouragement to the ICube team and ICube thanks them for their support.