ICube CTO Simon Moy nominated for membership in the Academic Advisory Committee of the Shenzhen MicroNano Institute

May, 2013 – Shenzhen MicroNano Integrated-Circuit and System Applications Research Institute (Shenzhen MicroNano Institute) has nominated ICube CTO Mr. Simon Moy as member of its Academic Advisory Committee.

Shenzhen MicroNano Institute was founded in 2013 under direct support from various levels of the Shenzhen city government. This non-profit organization is the first of its kind to function specifically as a technology incubator in fundamental IC technology and its related application areas. Its Academic Advisory Committee is made up of top researchers from academic institutions and well-known industry veterans.  The members of this committee will provide technical guidance to the ongoing projects in the institute.

Mr. Simon Moy, CTO and founder of ICube, is well-known internationally as a chip and CPU architect. Throughout his more than 25 years’ career, he has worked on various CPU architectures like PowerPC and MIPS, and designed the first GPUs at NVidia. He holds 40 U.S. patents, including several significant ones related to fundamentals of GPU design. Mr. Moy is now in China fully engaged to produce the next breakthrough in CPU and GPU technology by merging the two into one fully integrated component. The result of his work is UPU (Unified Processing Unit), which forms the basis of ICube’s product offering.