ICube Partners with Peking University on Multi-thread Processor Research

December, 2012 – ICube Corp., a leading processor design company in China, today announced their partnership with the School of Computer & Information Engineering, Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, on multi-processor and multi-thread processor technology research. This research project is part of the “Core Technologies Breakthrough Program” sponsored by the Nanshan district government in Shenzhen, China.

Since the invention of the first CPU chip in 1971, there has been continuous innovation in the area of microprocessor design as semiconductor technology advanced.  The key themes in microprocessor today are high performance under low power, parallel computing on multiple threads, multimedia support and ease of program creation.  The fusion of CPU and GPU into one unified processor is a key approach for delivering unprecedented cost performance in satisfying these market demands.

Peking University is among the top research institutions in China.  ICube is a privately-held, fabless semiconductor start-up located in Shenzhen.  This partnership between the two organizations will leverage each other’s strengths in pursuing this market-focused research project.