ICube Leading the SZSTI Key Research Project of “Indigenous Processor based SoC Design”

August, 2012 – ICube to lead the research efforts in “Indigenous-Processor-Based SoC Design”, a key research project of SZSTI.

ICube Corp., a leading processor design company in China, today announced that it has been selected by SZSTI (Shenzhen Science & Technology Innovation Commission) to play a leading role in the research project “Indigenous-Processor-Based SoC Design”.

Processor is at the heart of all modern digital devices. China has been conducting research and development on CPUs for many years and has achieved good results on many fronts. However, China still needs innovative breakthroughs in order to catapult it to the forefront, and to lead in this field rather than follow the mainstream players worldwide.  Each year, Chinese processor companies are forced to pay a huge amount of license fees and royalties to foreign companies in order to manufacture and sell CPU chips containing foreign IP contents.

China’s domestic processor industry has longed for a truly indigenous and leading-edge processor architecture for many years. China’s government has also been sponsoring researches in the area of processor designs. As a leading processor company founded and located in China, ICube has developed what it believes to be the first ISA (Instruction Set Architecture) truly indigenous to China.  This ISA, called MVP (Multi-threaded Virtual Pipeline), has been designed to implement ICube’s highly innovative UPU style of processor design.

ICube was founded in 2009, initially with funding from private sources. In the three years since its founding,  the company has successfully produced its own architecture, its own processor cores, its own SoCs and its own evaluation system boards.  Apart from hardware, ICbe also has its own compiler team responsible for developing the tool chain support for MVP.  ICube’s software team has also ported linux, Android and some popular multimedia applications to MVP.  The company plans to leverage this support from the local government to accelerate its technology and product development moving forward.