Chinese SoC Firm Licenses ICube’s MVP core for use in its development of a Vehicle Infotainment System

March, 2012 – ICube Corp., a leading fabless processor design company in China, today announced that a leading Chinese SoC company has licensed ICube’s MVP (Multi-thread Virtual Pipeline) core for use in its development of a vehicle infotainment system.

MVP is a UPU (Unified Processing Unit) that combines traditional CPU and GPU functions by integrating them into one processor pipeline. Relative to the common practice of merging separate CPU and GPU modules via on-chip buses, the UPU approach exhibits significant advantages in hardware resource utilization, power savings and reduced manufacturing cost without sacrificing performance.

MVP is the ideal choice for performance-critical and graphics-intensive applications. Vehicle infotainment is among the fastest growing markets in China, requiring more and more graphics performance not only for satisfying the requirements of the user interface, but also for 3D mapping applications like those used in navigation. As a UPU processor, MVP is the perfect fit for this market.

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