China’s Technology Experts on Core electronic devices, High-end general-purpose chips and Infrastructural software products (“CHI” program) paid on-site visit to ICube.

December 28, 2011: ICube welcomed several honored guests visiting the Shenzhen office to meet with the technical team for an introduction to the UPU technology and to watch a demonstration of the IC1, ICube’s first SoC product. The participants from China’s CHI program included Professor Wei ShaoJun, Professor Yan XiaoLang, Director of Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Base Shen MingZhou, Deputy Director Zhao QiuQi, Director of the Ministry of Science and Technology Zhang JinGuo, and the Dean of Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School and Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association Wang XinAn.

ICube’s engineers and management presented the visitors with an introduction to ICube’s UPU technology featuring the MVP, a processor core developed domestically in China, and also discussed their experience during the development of the IC1, ICube’s first MVP-based SoC product.

The visitors from the CHI program were pleased that ICube was able to develop the MVP core independently. ICube’s mission was well received by the visiting technology experts, confirming the significance of the Intellectual Properties owned by the company.  They also affirmed that ICube’s proprietary UPU technology, featuring the MVP core’s integration of the CPU and GPU into one Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), is a great innovation. The meeting also lead to several discussions and proposals covering the areas of cost performance and power efficiency of the MVP and IC1 products.

The honored guests concluded their visit by expressing their interest in seeing ICube’s team follow through by bringing the MVP and IC1 products to the market.