ICube Corporation taped out its first SoC product based on 65nm process

March 09, 2011- ICube Corporation today reached a milestone in taping out its first SoC product based on 65nm process, IC1: an integrated SoC solution based on ICube’s MVP, the first independently developed multi-thread processor core in China.

ICube’s IC1 contains 2 MVP cores that provide high-throughput computing while maintaining a substantial price/performance advantage in the industry for mobile computing and hand-held communication devices.

When IC1 is brought to the market place, it will be:

  • The first SoC design based on MVP.
  • The first chip in the world that combines CPU and GPU into one truly integrated core inside.
  • The first processor chip in China that supports parallel computing with advanced simultaneous-multi-threading (SMT) design technique.
  • The first chip in China based on a domestically developed Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and a patented stream processor core design.