China’s First Independently Developed Parallel Stream Processing Core

January 1, 2010 ICube Corporation, a fabless semiconductor company, introduces their Multi-Threaded Virtual Pipeline (MVP), a Genuine China Core for China’s growing consumer electronics market.

Designed for high throughput computing based on multi-processing and parallel computing. ICube’s Multi-Threaded Virtual Pipeline (MVP) is a scalable and programmable stream processor developed in China. MVP combines the functionalities of CPU, GPU and DSP into a single core versatile enough to serve China’s vast consumer electronics market.

ICube will offer MVP-based SOC solutions to devices that require high processing power while maintaining a substantial price/performance advantage in the industry. MVP’s improved price/performance ratio will make advanced embedded parallel processing more affordable, filling in a performance gap in domestically consumed chips. ICube’s MVP-based SOC will initially be positioned towards the hand-held market, the embedded controller market, the medical equipment market and all areas of multi-media applications.


ICube is a fabless semiconductor company developing advanced streaming processor chips based on independently developed parallel computing architecture. ICube’s mission is to develop a parallel computing platform chip that will create a great technical impact to the IC industry and represent significant commercial value in the consumer electronics market. Founded by Silicon Valley veterans who are experts in processor, software and integrated circuit development, the strength of our engineering team enjoys international distinction. ICube demands excellence on all levels of business and boats a corporate culture that values the balance of Innovation, Initiative and Intellectual Honesty.